We Can Win - Together

Willie will fight for you and for District 53. But he also needs your help. We are a grass-roots campaign. Your support is critical.

Show your support. Stay up to date.

Add your name  to support WIllie’s campaign. You’ll stay updated on the important issues in District 53, campaign events, voting information, and other ways to get involved with Willie’s campaign.


The most important way to support Willie is to vote on November 6th. He lost the election in 2016 by less than 150 votes. Every vote counts. Especially yours. We will win this election with your vote.

Spread the Word

Tell your family and your friends about Willie. Get them involved. Talk to them about the issues Willie fights for – better education, better infrastructure, and more jobs for District 53. Get them to commit to voting on November 6th.

Go Social

Follow Willie on Facebook and share his updates with your friends. Comment and ask questions about issues important to you. When early voting begins in October be sure to post updates to remind everyone to vote.

Get out the Vote

Registering voters and making sure they get to the polls is one of the most important parts of any political campaign. Willie needs your feet on the street, knocking on doors, telling his story, inspiring people, and encouraging them to vote. Find more information on voter registration on the Voting page.

Host an Event

Hosting an event is a great way to show your support and help raise money for Willie's campaign. It gives you an opportunity to get even more involved in the campaign and to make an even larger impact. To contact the campaign headquarters about hosting an event, fill out the form below.