“We have to help our people. And I’m going to help the people of District 53 by finding the state funding.”

Willie represents you. He’s listened to you and seen how budget cuts impact our kids, our neighborhoods, and our future.


Improving Quality of Education

Willie has seen firsthand how education transforms lives and the difference that educational funding makes in the classroom. During his 13 years in the New Mexico education system, Willie has taught students who don’t have the supplies they need. He’s taught in hot classrooms where temperatures are consistently 87 degrees because the school can’t afford proper air conditioning.

Willie will vote to increase the education budget. Willie’s opponent voted for $2.9 million cuts in education. Willie will push for more education funding at the state level, so that education has its own budget, separate from other budgets, to benefit kids from age 2 through college.

Building Infrastructure

Willie believes in building better roads to connect the community and expanding waste treatment services. Chaparral’s location between two corridors of I-10 and I-25 would make it a great place for manufacturing. “Those are the two major corridors of the country, as well as our close proximity to Mexico. We have trading capabilities, but we have to have the infrastructure.”

Throughout the District, half the people in the community are still on septic tanks, rather than connected to sewers and the waste treatment plants. “We’ve got to get rid of the septic tanks. If we want to bring the people in, we’ve got to be able to support their basic needs.”

Creating Jobs

Investing in infrastructure is the foundation for job creation. Better roads open up new employment opportunities. These new roads will attract new employers. Our citizens will have more job choice. They can work closer to home. Or, they can commute to a city that was previously too far away.  “I will bring more jobs to our communities, but first we need to lay the foundation with infrastructure investment.”