“We have to help our people. And I’m proud to help the people of District 53 by finding the state funding and being a voice for our entire community in the state House.”

Willie represents you. He’s listened to you and seen how budget cuts impact our kids, our neighborhoods, and our future. That's why he's fought for our schools, health care, and economic investment for our district.



As we move towards a post-pandemic world, it remains vital that we continue to fund and provide services and resources to ensure families make it through this transitional time. Some examples are; access to essential amenities (gas), help navigating growing inflation, and equal access to mental health resources. I also want to create more recreational activities for the kids of our families, understanding that when our kids are happy, confident, and secure, parents can feel better returning to work and stabilizing our economy.

Improving Quality of Education

Willie has seen firsthand how education transforms lives and the difference that educational funding makes in the classroom. During his 13 years in the New Mexico education system, Willie has taught students who don’t have the supplies they need. He’s taught in hot classrooms where temperatures are consistently 87 degrees because the school can’t afford proper air conditioning.

That's why Willie was proud to support a much-needed increase in the education budget and funding for early childhood education. Willie’s opponent voted for $2.9 million cuts in education. Willie will keep pushing to improve our schools for kids from age 2 through college.

Willie also sponsored and passed legislation to make school lunch free for all students who receive federal aid to buy school lunch. No child should go through the school day hungry.

Our students should have the things they need when they start the school year. That's why Willie organized a shoe drive to provide new shoes for young school children. Together, we'll make sure our kids have the education they deserve.

Infrastructure and Economic Growth

Willie believes in building better roads to connect the community and expanding waste treatment services. Chaparral’s location between two corridors of I-10 and I-25 would make it a great place for manufacturing. “Those are the two major corridors of the country, as well as our close proximity to Mexico. We have trading capabilities, but we have to have the infrastructure.”

Willie is focused on allocating state infrastructure funding where it is needed. Our district has a great need for infrastructure improvements and Willie is committed to working with our community and the state to improve water and waste systems, fix roads, and build the public spaces that will help our families and seniors like a public library and parks.